January 17th, 2017 in Winter

Brands Turn Cold Snaps Into Cold, Hard Cash

You know the weather is playing tricks on us when a snow park closes due to snow! That is exactly what happened this past weekend in Georgia. While the irony gives us a good chuckle, it’s a healthy reminder that all weather is contextual to what’s normal for the local area.

Winter 2017 is beginning with bursts of arctic air across much of the country due to the effects of La Nina. The resulting polar vortex conditions impact what shoppers buy and where they go, but also keeps them tuned to their local weather forecast.

The brands that tap into this heightened weather consciousness will increase promotion conversion, build brand loyalty and drive more sales.

There are some obvious connections such as:

  • Leveraging winter conditions to drive ski equipment sales
  • Promoting winter apparel specials that keep shoppers toasty warm and ready for outdoor fun
  • Increasing emphasis on cold & flu medications
  • Swapping out automobile convertible ads for SUV models
  • Refocusing travel advertising to specialize in warm weather getaways for the winter avoider, and winter wonderland fun resorts for the cold weather sports enthusiast

These common connections only scratch the surface; consider the possibilities:

  • Restaurants can look at daily specials that align to cold spells. Steaming bowl of soup anyone?
  • Ice and wind-related insurance claims are larger in number than any other household claims category – including fires. Insurance companies can communicate with customers and help them prepare for challenging conditions, building loyalty and reducing property damage at the same time.

Once marketers have identified essential opportunities to turn cold weather into hard sales, it’s easy optimize program outreach with these three tips.

  1. Use location data to identify relevant targets for the campaign. Promoting ski equipment is far more effective when the program uses mobile device intelligence to specifically target ski enthusiasts.
  2. Get the timing right. Campaigns that leverage the weather forecast when shoppers are in preparation mode (not just current conditions) see the best results.
  3. Trigger promotions off local context. Align program outreach to the individual shopper’s specific location for optimum results.

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