January 12th, 2017 in Press, Technology, Video

CES 2017: Beet.TV Interview with CEO & GM Cameron Clayton

At CES 2017, The Weather Company’s CEO and GM Cameron Clayton spoke with Beet.TV about how The Weather Company and IBM are leveraging Watson’s cognitive capabilities to help people, brands, marketers, and the industry make better decisions and personalize content across screens and devices.

First, Watson Ads, the cognitive advertising product that’s been available to brands exclusively within The Weather Company app and on weather.com, will be released for wider use in apps and on websites sites later this quarter.

Up next will be the debut of IBM’s cognitive media platform, putting the power of Watson directly into the hands of marketers seeking to better understand consumer intent, and create content that satisfies that intent.

The Weather Company will bring artificial intelligence and cognitive capabilities to help with decision making, but it isn’t looking to replace humans altogether – it’s about empowering them. The platform is being supercharged by Watson, the world’s most advanced cognitive computing system. It’s the ability to understand with natural voice interaction, and to learn and access all kinds of data, ultimately helping people make better solutions.

Read more and watch the full interview here.

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