December 20th, 2016 in Spring, Winter

Get Ready to Give 2017 Weather A Great Big Hug

There is good news on the weather horizon! Brands faced a challenging road in 2016 when weather patterns created milder than usual conditions and consumers responded with low seasonal product demands.

We know weather has a dramatic impact on consumer shopping habits. That’s why the most effective marketers leverage weather to build connections that convert shoppers into buyers in low demand seasons. Those same insights can be just as powerful in high demand seasons such as we are going to experience in 2017.

When building a 2017 strategy, keep these six critical outlooks in mind.

1.    2017 will begin with a winter state of mind. The Polar Vortex is going to set shoppers in the winter mood, and as a result, we’ll see more seasonable shopping in the spring than we did in 2016.

2.    Seasonal activities such as visiting ski resorts and shopping for winter recreation gear will get a big boost in sales through Q1. This includes winter clothes, boots, winter sports equipment and anything that will keep shoppers toasty warm.

3.    Cold & flu season personal care products will be in demand through early spring.

4.    Brands are getting smarter at using location intelligence to target shoppers within their unique context. Not only can marketers geo-target communications, but those adopting advanced technologies are able to identify valuable profiles. For example, marketers can target those who have visited ski resorts to promote ski boots. Location intelligence lets brands know where someone has visited, what they did before, and where they went afterwards. Combining these insights with local weather context is a powerful tool. In 2017 we’ll see growing adoption of this technology. You can learn more here.

5.    Targeting millennial shoppers is a growing challenge as their collective spend and influence grows year after year. However, as much as they share in common, they are an incredibly diverse group. Weather is one of the few things that they have in common. In 2017 we will see marketers experiment with building emotional connections to their brand by tapping into millennial weather consciousness.

6.    Weather insights will increasingly feed website personalization efforts to provide current weather context for promotions on a hyper-localized basis.

Get ready to give 2017 a great big weather hug!

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