June 16th, 2017 in Automotive, Press, Technology

The Weather Company and Toyota Drive First Cognitive Ads for the Auto Industry

The Weather Company announced today the launch of the first cognitive ads for the auto industry. Toyota and The Weather Company have teamed up on a new Watson Ads experience to introduce the Prius Prime, on The Weather Channel App and on weather.com.

Watson Ads are an industry-first cognitive ad format that enables consumers to organically connect with brands, and allows marketers to have a personalized, one-to-one conversation with their audiences at scale. The cognitive ad format combines machine learning, natural language understanding, and integrated dialogue tools designed to deliver a personalized user experience.

Through Watson Ads, Toyota is harnessing the power of AI to engage and educate consumers about Prius Prime – addressing consumer questions, sharing new car information, and guiding decision making during the purchase consideration stage.

To find out more about this exciting partnership, read the full press release here.

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