All Display Specs

Mobile Web Display

Our Mobile website is just as useful as our app, yet offers content our app doesn’t. For brands, that means the added flexibility of serving ads in the browser.


THIRD PARTY: Serve and Track

Med Rect Leaderboard
Ad Size 300x250 320x50
Retina/HD Size 600x500 640x100
File Size 60k 40k


THIRD PARTY: Serve and Track
HTML5 accepted through 3rd party tags only for banners.

  • Initial Load: 200k
  • Polite Load: 400k
  • HTTP Requests: 15
  • Number of Connections: Web-4 | Mobile-3 | Site-served-3
  • Time to Visual Start: 0.8 secs
  • Visual Animation Length: 15 secs
  • Fallback Image Size: 50k
  • Weather.com follows IAB Standards and LEAN Ad Guidelines. Please check our Ad Guidelines for more information.
  • Agency-built HTML5 creative must be 3rd party served; HTML5 executions built by our Creative Lab must be site-served.
  • Retina/HD size is required.
  • Animation should be limited to 4 frames as a best practice.
  • Creatives are supported in phone’s stock browser only (i.e. iOS Safari)
  • Creative must support portrait and landscape view.