Leading Soup Brand

A leading soup brand came to The Weather Company with the goal of driving consumers into Walmart stores to purchase their soup during the key soup season.

To find and reach consumers who are Walmart and grocery shoppers, we created custom store locator units, then targeted those units leveraging WEATHERfx to serve messaging when soup consumption was prevalent based on weather conditions, and JOURNEYfx to reach consumers who are Walmart shoppers, geotargeted around a 5-mile radius of Walmart stores and ready-to-eat soup purchasers

Mobile banners leveraged temperature and store locator technology, JOURNEYfx Walmart portraits, and WEATHERfx triggers for “Soup Product” and “Forecast Cold to Very Cold.”

In addition, we partnered with Placed on an added value study that tracked and measured in-store visits.

By applying WEATHERfx triggers and JOURNEYfx portrais, this leading soup brand was able to find and reach relevant consumers, resulting in:


total impressions


incremental in-store visits


more efficient cost per visit than benchmark


of exposed users visited Walmart within 2 days