National Insurance Provider

A leading insurance provider known for innovation had been working with Watson Advertising to hone their targeting strategy to focus on incrementality. They were looking to determine whether their digital ads were effective in prompting conversions.

Using IBM Bidding Optimization, they leveraged deep learning with neural networks to optimize which impressions to bid on. Given the insurer’s already strong national brand through a large TV presence, they wanted to ensure they were only targeting users who would not have converted otherwise.

In order to assess the incrementality, a control group was sent a PSA to determine an organic conversation rate. This rate was compared against the conversion rate for the ad exposed group targeted by IBM Bidding Optimization. They then segmented this audience into users who were more or less likely to take the desired action.

This insurance provider was able to find great benefit with this new, neural network technology.


demonstrated lift driven by IBM Bidding Optimization



increase in spend with Watson Advertising for their next campaign