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Big Data Challenges

Between digital devices, sensors, social media, and your enterprise, there is more data being created than ever before – but key challenges are keeping you from leveraging this data:

  • Unstructured data80% of the world’s data is unstructured, and therefore goes unused
  • Transparency and ad fraud issues
  • Walled gardens85% of media budgets are spent in walled gardens, keeping insights locked away
  • Explosion of tools needed to create and manage campaigns
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Introducing Watson Advertising

A scaled, cognitive, and open ecosystem designed to solve today’s data challenges and power more confident decisions.

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The Advantage

Watson Advertising is uniquely able to help marketers solve today’s big data challenges because it offers solutions that are scaled, cognitive, and open.

  • Scaled. We serve a quarter of a billion users each month, and our solutions can be used on our channels or yours.
  • Cognitive. We are powered by Watson – the most formidable AI technology on the planet.
  • Open. We enable you to do what you want with your data and leverage our data and insights everywhere.
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Driving Decisions

These three layers, when taken together, enable marketers to better understand, anticipate, and respond to the needs of customers – ultimately driving better business results, like:

  • 7x faster campaign deployment
  • 75% reduction in external vendor costs
  • 148 hours per user per year in savings
  • CPA reduced from $100 to $20
  • 2x increase in leads generated

Source: Success stories from participating clients and agencies

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