Working with Quaker Oats for the second year running, The Weather Channel UK has launched its first inMotion native mobile ad campaign.  The inMotion ads are displayed between 6-10 am when the temperature drops to encourage users to think about Quaker Oats for their breakfast.  The image shows a steaming bowl of porridge enticing consumers to enjoy a hearty warming breakfast bowl.  The use of inMotion native ads integrates seamlessly into the user’s experience and has been run throughout February.


2016 has seen Quaker Oats produce their #Superstart campaign, which encouraged Brits to start their morning off with a nutritious breakfast.  Quaker Oats’ decision to run this campaign on The Weather Company properties marks the second year the companies have worked together.  There is significant insight behind Quaker Oats’ decision to utilize weather-triggering activities within their advertising.  Sales rose an astonishing 200% from January 2009 – 2010, reporting the largest orders in the company’s 110-year history.  This teamed with the fact that Quaker Oats sells 200% more than normal when it’s cold, leads to up to 20 million packets sold each week.

Harnessing the weather is becoming increasingly important to brands looking to capture relevant moments that matter to them on mobile.  The strong link between the weather and porridge consumption is that, consumers will want to eat a hearty warming breakfast when the weather drops.

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