AdExchanger has named The Weather Company as one of the “Top 10 Programmatic Publishers. Weather makes the list as #2: The Weather Co.: Data Provider + Publisher.

Congratulations to The Weather Company’s programmatic team!

The Weather Co.: Data Provider + Publisher

The Weather Co. is starting to look less like a publisher and more like a data company. The company’s WeatherFX data can now be used across its programmatic buys, not just when a reader is checking the weather on the publisher’s app. Current partners include LiveRamp, The Trade Desk, AppNexus and Vistar Media.

“We all know weather informs so much more than checking,” Warner said. “Using weather more as a signal than a media decision will be interesting.”

Like other publishers on the list, The Weather Co. has a powerful parent: IBM. The Weather Co. is weaving Watson AI into its programmatic capabilities.

Weather organizes its sales team by industries and agencies, with programmatic specialists for each sales vertical. The company’s goal is to make buying across different formats and products as frictionless as possible.

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