Marketing is abuzz about millennials and how to reach them because they represent the largest segment of the population. However, in our quest to appeal to millennial shoppers we must not overlook the $2.33 trillion Gen X buying power. More than fifty million Gen X consumers, those aged 35-54 in 2016, have a very different historical context then millennials. A context that impacts how they make purchase decisions and where they spend their time.

Financial crisis, evolution of the family unit and growing adoption of new technologies each played a critical role in how Gen X evolved.

  • Several economic bust cycles framed their economic outlook including the bust, and the great recession
  • Women entered the job market in great numbers
  • Skyrocketing divorce rates changed family dynamics
  • Personal computing was busting into the mainstream
  • Microwave ovens introduced an era of dinner time convenience

In a recent study The Weather Company studied the motivations and mindsets of Gen X consumers and found:

  • 60% of Gen Xers whose parents are 65+ say they help with day-to-day needs like errands, housework, or home repairs. And 28% say they provide financial help as well, with 52% saying they scale back their own spending to allow for this.
  • Gen Xers are also the most likely adults to report their work week is longer than 40 hours
  • Even with their amazingly busy lives, 61% of Gen Xers say that their family spends more time together having fun than they did as children, and 67% report being closer to their kids than their parents were with them. In fact, 56% of Gen Xers say they spend 10+ hours with their family every week, the most of any adult generation.

Gen Xers, like all generations, are shaped by their collective history. They are fiercely focused on family relationships often balancing caring for their children with taking care of their aging parents. They’ve come to depend on themselves and are skeptical of anything that smells of an over promise. Loyalty comes from the high value they place on reliability which makes execution of brand promises a top priority to this generation. Brands that relate to this unique historical context in their marketing and customer experience efforts will thrive.

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Nearly half of all Gen Xers engage with The Weather Company’s properties on a monthly basis.

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