June 1st is the official start to hurricane season. Although long-range forecasts can’t predict the precise number of hurricanes that will form we are expecting an active season. On average 6-10 hurricanes develop each year and about half reach land in varying degrees of strength.

Meteorologist & business analyst Paul Walsh explains that the potential impact on our economy is huge & growing. In fact, the 2016 hurricane season has the potential to impact one million more people than in years past as high-risk geographies become more population dense.

After experiencing a decade without a major big storm hitting land Paul Walsh cautions against complacency and encourages businesses, and government agencies, to monitor forecasts carefully this season.

When hurricane conditions form, social media quickly amplifies forecast information and preparations begin. Consumers quickly spike their desire for everything from bottled water to batteries. The businesses that optimize inventory and staffing during this preparation period will be in the best position to serve residents.

Watch the segment here.

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