There is no shortage of data for marketers to leverage in building smarter, more effective campaigns. Making sense of all of it is another story! Acting on big data insights is an intense detective assignment, and capitalizing on the opportunity surfaces complex dependencies and operational limitations, which can be difficult for brands to overcome.

The three biggest barriers relate to collecting quality information, learning what events trigger action, and executing on the insights discovered across channels.

  1. Collect high-quality, relevant data – Collecting data is not a problem. There are more than enough systems to capture information. The challenge is to surface and organize high-quality, relevant insights among all the clutter.
  2. Identify insights– Once information is collected, marketers have to transform the data into knowledge, identifying specific context that can motivate consumer action. This requires both cognitive capabilities and a sufficient volume of data to be relevant at scale.
  3. Take action across channels – After identifying triggers, marketers then need to marry those insights with the right audience to take action across various channels – email, social, owned properties, and targeted media – and they must do it with low latency to remain in context.

We have great news for marketers struggling to address all three of these big challenges. The Weather Company, an IBM Business announced an innovative collaboration with LiveRamp, an Acxiom® company. This partnership will enable marketers to seamlessly integrate Weather’s unique real-time data to drive campaigns across channels, and more easily team audience insights with event triggers. This new capability addresses all three big data obstacles.

  • High-quality, relevant data – Weather is a remarkably accurate predictor of consumer behavior. It shapes what people buy, how much they spend, and where they shop.
  • Contextual triggers – Four categories of triggers are available addressing a wide spectrum of meaningful events.
  • Easily take action – Best of all, an integrated solution makes it easy to build omnichannel campaigns across social, email, owned, and targeted media that drives increased conversion and engaged relationships.

A national Quick Serve Restaurant chain put these exciting new capabilities to the test. By serving ads for iced beverages to existing latte customers experiencing warmer-than-normal conditions across channels they exceeded CTR benchmarks by 33%.  Imagine what these capabilities could do for your business?

Learn more about how to leverage this for your marketing campaigns.

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