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In this short interview with Geoff Smith, Vice President AOD, EMEA, at VivaKi part of the Publicis Group, and Curt Hecht, Global Chief Revenue Officer at the Weather Channel, viewability of ads and ad fraud were two key topics discussed.

TV_2Compared to TV or outdoor advertising, advertiser expectations around ad viewability benchmarking on digital are higher, but to date these expectations have largely remained unmet by publishers. However, the growth of programmatic is more readily asking questions of publishers in terms of ad viewability and advertisers are demanding the answers more quickly.

Ad viewability has always been very contextual: for some publishers, including The Weather Channel, a below-the-fold MPU on a web page is as likely to be seen as above-the-fold if readers are in browsing mode, having come to the end of a relevant article.

Eventually, for maximum ad effectiveness, we will end up with a situation in the digital ad space when an ad call is only made at the right time on a viewable part of the site and from the advertiser’s point of view, they only pay when they know the ad is seen. One of the consequences for publishers is that their inventory levels may drop on their digital properties, but these ads will be more relevant and more valuable as they are more viewable. Moreover, publishers will rebuild their sites so that ads are only called when in eyeshot of their visitors.

The other issue in viewability is that of ad fraud and the use of robots to click on ads to drive up click through rates, artificially inflating key measurements for claimed ad effectiveness. The industry has been investing in fraud prevention measures to combat non-human traffic and is getting smarter in detecting the fraudster

Note: This is the third in a series of interviews with Curt Hecht taped during a recent visit to The Weather Channnel’s UK office. Check out the first video here and second video here.

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