The millennial generation comprises the largest single population in the United States. Their spending power is not only large, it is growing as they advance in their careers and influence over their network of friends, family & co-workers matures.

However, as much as Millennials have a common view of the world, they are equally diverse and complex in their interests. It’s a challenge for marketers to find conversation threads that have mass appeal to the generation. The weather is one of them. Regardless of where the millennial consumer lives, what profession they hold and how well educated they have become, weather talk is common and meaningful.

Millennial weather talk is fueled by a desire to feel connected, smart and not to be underestimated, a desire to relish in the moment.

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Top 3 Motivators    

1.    FEEL CONNECTED: weather as a source of common ground, commiseration, shared pleasure; weather in context of socializing
2.    FEEL SMART: sharing advice; staying informed; making good decisions based on weather considerations
3.    FEEL FRIVOLOUS: living in the moment and enjoying whatever the weather brings; pure joy and having fun

By understanding the motivators behind frequent weather talk, marketers can create brand experiences that build a lasting and deep connection.

Drive a brand connection. The combo of strong experiential drive and limited financial resources means that Millennials are turning basic habits into opportunities to feel good and live well, whether it’s elevating morning coffee, subscribing to a monthly box of goodies, or bringing variety to daily needs like workday lunches. They even eat out more than other generations, roughly double the rate of older generations. As marketers we have the opportunity to make shopping worthy of sharing, not just checking off the to-do list.

Get an A+ for impact. 
Think of your communications as teaching, not telling. As a practical matter, skilling and re-skilling are simply an economic necessity for Millennials, but the drive to learn goes beyond that – it’s a way to explore the world, connect with others, discover new passions, and uncover their authentic self. How can your brand make shoppers smarter and more informed? Can you teach them to pick out the perfect pair of jeans for their body type? Or maybe show them how to pair the right wine with their homemade quiche.

Enjoy the moment. 
Whether to a group weekend getaway, a music festival, or an immersive on-site learning experience, Millennials are placing a high value on experiencing the world directly and making travel a key part of their lives. As marketers you can help them prepare for their next adventure and help them celebrate joy in the everyday tasks that must get done.

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