Globally, the rate of automobile sales growth is declining. As sales tighten, those brands that truly understand the context of shoppers will outperform their less buyer-centric peers. Our summer outlook is the perfect chance to put best practices into place.

With the transition to summer, consumers generally gain a burst of energy, excited for a fresh new start and eager for outdoor adventures. This shift in consciousness makes automobile shoppers receptive to advertising messages that encourage test drives and dealer visits.

In 2017 we’re in for a particular treat. The summer of 2016 was one of the warmest on record. It’s almost certain that relative to last year, the summer of 2017 will be cooler. In fact, we are monitoring the possibility of an emerging El Niño event which, if it develops, may result in a substantially cooler summer. The summer of 2016 was also wetter than normal, so we expect it to be drier in 2017 by comparison. That’s good news for automotive companies that want to encourage dealer visits.

In addition to the weather outlook, we surveyed drivers to learn about their automobile purchase practices. We found that the purchase process is heavily influenced by the weather:

  • 76% report that the weather impacts when they visit a dealership
  • 49% said how the vehicle handles the weather during a test drive made a huge impact on their purchase decision
  • Most avoid dealerships on inclement weather days
    • Snow/Hail (76%)
    • Extreme Cold (51%) and
    • Fog (40%) were the conditions most cited to keep consumers away from the lot
  • During inclement weather, consumers engage in online car buying activities, like research


Learn how to turn these insights into profits.

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