Artificial intelligence brings incredible opportunity for marketers who want to deliver truly personalized experiences at scale, but with great potential comes great responsibility. Knowing and acting upon an individual’s intimate details requires careful consideration. Marketers must adapt to this new reality by re-examining ethics policies to reflect the individual attention that this fast moving technology provides.

To protect brands and consumers, these three guideposts should always stay top of mind.

  1. Align Your Purpose with Customer Value: It is critical that consumers develop trust in AI systems. For marketers, this means positioning campaigns to entertain, inform, and aid customers – not to trick them..
  2. Operate with Transparency: AI systems do not have self-awareness. We have a responsibility to be careful about how AI platforms are trained, and what data is used in training the system. Marketers must be transparent about communications to protect privacy and build trust.
  3. Include Checks & Balances: Marketers must be hands on in the development, delivery, and maintenance of AI driven campaigns to ensure ongoing integrity. Brands should look to build mechanisms that constantly collect feedback and quickly identify and respond to ethics violations.

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