FlonaseHaving an effective weather marketing strategy can mean the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary business. Businesses that anticipate the weather and think of how the weather affects their consumers set themselves apart — and the results show. A weather marketing strategy can show innovation and versatility, both of which may attract consumers and boost sales.

A great example of an effective weather marketing strategy is illustrated in a new partnership between The Weather Channel and Flonase® Allergy Relief. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare has recently made a big announcement that Flonase® Allergy Relief is available over the counter to consumers nationwide. In addition, Flonase has also partnered with us at The Weather Channel to help allergy sufferers and provide real-time information and data that can help inform consumers. The partnership will launch a one-of-a-kind Allergy Tracker, an online tool that offers comprehensive information about the weather, pollen, mold, and a breathing index.

“Working with Flonase, we’ve put together the best weather information and the most relevant nasal allergy-specific details to create an allergy tracker on weather.com that helps allergy sufferers prepare for symptoms,” said Paul Walsh, weather and consumer expert at The Weather Company.

We’re committed to delivering up-to-date information to help inform allergy sufferers in real time and provide solutions for consumers, so they can anticipate how the weather might affect their symptoms. This weather strategy will aid consumers and help them prepare for their day, and present Flonase as their go-to over-the-counter option for nasal allergy symptoms

This partnership is a remarkable example of integrating a weather marketing strategy in a way that can truly affect consumers, for the better.

Companies big and small can utilize this as an example of how to revolutionize and “weatherize” their promotions.

As a marketer, start thinking strategically about a weather marketing strategy that can boost your product or service and anticipate the needs of your consumers. By doing so, you can illustrate your product in a new light and reach target consumers when they need you the most.


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