Making_It_Rain_With_Dynamite_On_A_KiteIn the world, there are certain things that we have control over and things that we don’t. One of the main things that we have no control over is the weather. While our predictions of the weather are surprisingly accurate and can help us plan our days, the weather itself is not something that we can control with a magic wand.

But several people have attempted to alter weather conditions through calculated chemistry. Grape Nut guru and inventor C.W. Post set out to make it rain. After hearing about the torrential downpours that ensued after battle during the Napoleonic Wars he hypothesized that explosives could actually influence the weather and…make it rain.

Post made 13 valiant attempts at making it rain, with seven of them being successful and resulting in rain. His tactics included flying a kite laced with dynamite, as well as blasting massive quantities of dynamite — 24,000 pounds — into the air. The latter tactic did result in a light sprinkle.

Post isn’t alone either. Others throughout history have used a mixture of chemicals to try and influence the weather. While the science behind rainmaking is inconclusive, the good news is that we are more equipped than ever to deliver accurate information about the weather. Who needs to control the weather when we’re empowered with knowledge?

Using this knowledge, we have the ability to plan ahead and use a weather marketing strategy that both informs and influences our actions.

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