During the week of Halloween Americans purchase 90 million pounds of chocolate! When combined with other candy, costumes and decorations, Halloween means big business for retail & CPG companies. In fact, the NRF projects total Halloween spending to reach $8.4 billion in 2016, an all-time record.

Our love affair with Halloween began hundreds of years ago with an ancient Celtic festival. Early parades were the germination of our modern trick-or-treat tradition of going door-to-door collecting candy. Like other outdoor activities, the weather plays an important role in how we celebrate the holiday – from trick-or-treating, to our desire to travel to Halloween themed parties.

In preparation for this year’s festivities we took a look back in history at 25 cities spread across the United States. Looking at 2015 you’ll note a high of 89 degrees in Los Angeles and a low of 52 degrees in Boston. We bet the most popular costumes were pretty different in those two locations!

Halloween Weather.png

Research shows us that both warm and cool temperatures keep consumers in the holiday mood with little impact on trick or treating or holiday parties. However, a forecast of extreme temperatures or significant precipitation dampens the Halloween spirit and lowers Halloween week sales.

As marketers we have the opportunity to match our Halloween week promotions to local weather forecasts and maximum conversions. Communicate the local weather forecast to your online consumers with a playful nod to Halloween night. A well informed consumer is a loyal customer in the making.

•    Help shoppers plan the perfect Halloween party with tips for indoor or outdoor activities aligned to the forecasted weather.
•    Match promotional imagery to forecasted conditions. If cold is expected, focus advertisements on costumes with heavy layers. If it’s going to be warm, showcase light-weight material.
•    If rain is expected show trick-or-treaters how to stay dry and still express their Halloween spirit. Consider hosting an in-store Halloween activity away from the damp outdoors.

Happy Halloween! May it be filled with many satisfying treats.

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