Rumors of the demise of the hurricane season this year? Greatly exaggerated.

Just like spring, summer, winter and fall, hurricane season always comes. Despite forecasts otherwise.

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Hard on the heels of Hurricane Danny, which briefly strengthened into a major hurricane, Tropical Storm (and nascent hurricane) Erika is now on a forecast track that puts Florida and the entire southeast coast of the US in the so-called cone of uncertainty.

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Per our previous posts, this cone represents a cone of certainty as it relates to the effect of the “forecast factor” on consumer behavior and purchase patterns.

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A surge of buying will likely begin soon, if it hasn’t already, from Florida to North Carolina, with likely the largest impact currently being felt in south Florida.

Beer, Beans, Bottled Water (and Bullets!)

In advance of storms and boosted by the power of social media, the surge of shoppers stocking up on perceived must have products completely skews the mix of merchandise sales.

D-batteries become top sellers instead of C-batteries. Consumer staples like pop-tarts and canned foods fly off the shelves. Magazine purchases and board game sales spike and padlocks and ammunition sales surge.


We’re now entering the peak of the hurricane season and for the next 4 to 6 weeks the risk of Atlantic storms will remain very high.


You can get all the information you need in real time via these Weather Company on-line resources: Hurricane Tracker

The Weather Channel Hurricane Central

And if you are interested in more hardcore weather-geekery, you can get more technical information here:

Hurricane and Tropical Cyclone Forecasts

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