Summer is the time for relaxation and road trips – but where’s the fun in being stuck in traffic? Driving can be time consuming and exhausting. Imagine if you could relax, kick back, and let your car do all the work for you, getting you to your destination safely (and even saving you money)!

Autonomous vehicles are road ready and poised to change the driving landscape – for commercial trucking and public transportation, but also for everyday consumers. In fact, Business Insider projects that 10 million self-driving cars will be on the road by 2020, forever changing how we spend our travel time. When cars become chauffeurs, consumers gain back hours each week – much of which is poised to be used for media consumption.

In addition to changing how consumers navigate the roads, self-driving cars will create new opportunities for marketers to engage with a captive audience.

Explore four important implications in our latest download.

Hop In, Your Self-Driving Car is Waiting

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Hop In, Your Self-Driving Car is Waiting

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