weather_moodWe know that the weather affects our mood in a variety of ways. However, an article in Psych Central reveals interesting insights and details on just how much the weather affects our mood throughout the year as the seasons change.

For those that are fighting depression, it turns out a little warmth can be a natural emotional boost. Higher temperatures help uplift a person’s mood, whereas things like wind or lack of sun made people feel even lower.

Related to that, it’s also clear that Seasonal Affective Disorder is a very real disorder that links seasonal weather changes to depressive moods. While most SAD sufferers are afflicted in the dark, gloomy months of fall and winter, a small percentage of people experience SAD in the spring and summer as well.

And when the heat is turned up or there is a bout of extreme rain….watch out. It turns out that extreme heat and rain can bring out the worst in people. Researchers found higher instances of violence and aggression during periods of higher temperatures, as well as rain.

On an interesting note — that is surprising if you think of the effects of SAD — is that suicides tend to peak in spring and summer. Outdoor workers are more likely to commit suicide in the spring, while indoor workers tend to commit suicide in the summertime. This trend seems to be consistent across the world, in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

This data just goes to show how intricately the weather can impact our moods from month to month, season to season. Aside from that, your weather personality plays a huge role in how the weather affects you. Researchers determined that there are four weather personalities, including summer lovers (17%), summer haters (27%), rain haters (9%) and those that are unaffected by weather (48%). While a large percentage of people seem to be unaffected by the weather, many people tend to feel strongly about the weather and feel the effects of it.

These findings are important to consider as part of your weather marketing strategy, as mood has a direct correlation with sales. You’ll want to truly understand how the weather affects your consumers, so you can prepare your business and strategy accordingly.

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