thumbnailHave you ever wondered what it is like to hang around a bunch of weather nerds all day? Are you curious about the wild world of weather, and what exactly we do here at The Weather Company?

Well, you’re in luck.

The Weather Company invited writer Dennis Mersereau of the popular site Gawker to our headquarters in Atlanta. Mersereau, who writes for Gawker’s weather section, The Vane, wrote an appropriately befitting recap of his time with us.

As an occasional critic of The Weather Company, who openly admits his love/hate relationship with us, Dennis got to see a different, more intimate side of The Weather Channel — how the operation is run and how we do what we do day in and day out. Dennis enjoyed a tour of The Weather Company facilities and had the chance to meet some of our on-camera meteorologists, saying “I could see their unadulterated love for the weather shine through during personal conversations.”

It’s not just an unadulterated love for the weather — it’s an obsession.

It seems that came across quite clearly to Mersereau, who stated, “I’ve always been scathingly critical of The Weather Channel when it strays from its focus, but I’m equally forceful in asserting that they’re spot-on when it comes to the actual weather… Back in May, we published a small project using data pulled from Forecast Advisor showing that TWC’s forecasts are consistently on top around the country, even beating out the National Weather Service in most spots. The network’s in-house accuracy numbers reflect what we found here at The Vane—they’re consistently at the top of the forecasting game in the United States.”

While the critics may hate, hate, hate… the data doesn’t lie. The Weather Company is focused on delivering up-to-date weather info, so that consumers and businesses can understand what’s really going on out there. Our weather info is based on accurate data and helps inform weather marketing strategies across all channels from TV to social. Because the weather is more than just the weather.

Read more about weather nerds and get a glimpse into a day in the life at The Weather Company in the full article.


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