How do marketers inspire satisfied customers to share their experiences and build post-purchase advocacy? While it can be difficult to create meaningful touchpoints, if marketers can create a more “enjoyable” service experience, people are far more likely to purchase again and recommend the brand to someone else.

At The Weather Company, an IBM Business, our research shows that while insurance and trust go hand-in-hand, only 43 percent of customers trust the insurance industry. How do we change that? Especially during early buying stages, marketers need to deliver timely messages that are contextually relevant to break through the clutter. Weather offers that positive touchpoint that improves brand perception and satisfaction.

For example, if an insurance company were to configure automated alerts based on weather and location of affected policyholders, then when the weather event occurs, an automated trigger would go out and consumers in the affected areas would receive these alerts. Based on this precise location and timing, consumers would be more inclined to take action. Then, the insurance company could follow up with those policyholders in real-time to determine if they were affected and need to file a claim – making it easier for the consumer to connect with their insurance company.

Using historical, current, and forecasted weather data, and marrying that information with sales and consumer information, we can define and create automated triggers that leverage predictive analytics and real-time media activation to get a brand front and center – with the right message to inspire and motivate customers to take action.

Click here to read more about Weather Alerts for Insurance and how we can help you make meaningful touchpoints with your clients and customers.

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