The Weather Company’s VP of global automated monetization, Jeremy Hlavacek, recently spoke with MediaPost about The Weather Company’s transition from publisher to platform, powered by AI and data.

From MediaPost:

“Hlavacek emphasized that Watson and AI tools can help media buyers make better decisions by looking at inventory pricing and optimizing demand sources. Watson could also potentially offer pricing recommendations. Going even further, he said Watson could help Weather buy media.

Hlavacek said Weather is transitioning from being a publisher to a platform. “For us, as a publisher, our revenue is determined by how many impressions we have and what price we can get for them.” But Weather’s data could be valuable for other publishers and exchanges—across social campaigns, Facebook campaigns and search campaigns.

In fact, Weather’s partnership with LiveRamp in April enables it to distribute data to 500 ad-tech partners. The goal, Hlavacek said, is for Weather to take all the data it’s kept in-house and move it out into the “ecosystem” into out-of-home, search, social, and even TV.”

To find out more, read the full article on MediaPost here.

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