How weather affects baseballWe don’t think it is a stretch to say that most people check the weather before heading out to the ballgame – which is why we chuckle at this infamous baseball quote from legendary boxing manager, Joe Jacobs, after attending the opening game of the 1934 World Series:

“I should of stood in bed.”

While Joe didn’t have to rely on in 1934, he certainly should have looked at his local newspaper before heading out to what turned out to be a bitter cold day!

With several baseball stadium’s advertising on The Weather Channel digital properties, we are in frequent discussions about how these parks can deploy strategies to drive attendance no matter the weather. Given the sometimes intuitive and other times surprising ways weather impacts baseball, we thought that these factoids about America’s Favorite Pastime would be of interest to all:

  • Hoping for a shut out? Then look for days with cold and dry air, when the pitcher can get a better grip on the ball. Pitching performance also increases when skies are clear with strikeouts having the strongest response to pitches thrown.
  • Looking for a home run derby? Hot and humid days are for you, as they will advantage a batter, as a pitcher might struggle with ball control. Batting averages also tend to increase under cloudy conditions.
  • Enjoy marking errors on your scorecard? Then head out when skies are clear, as the number of errors increases during clear-sky games (it’s also noted that errors increase during all daytime games when compared to games played at night)

Here are two additional resources for the baseball fanatic, who may want to do a little more weather planning when mapping out which end of season games to attend:

  1. Mike Bettes in The Weather Channel’s Weather Lab
    2. American Meteorological Society’s 2011 study on weather and baseball

As a marketer, understanding the forecast and how it can alter human behavior (both in baseball and with consumers) you’ll be better prepared to make decisions like whether you should have “stood in bed” or whether it’s time to play ball!

Looking for help building your business’s weather strategy?

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