We already know that the weather impacts everything from consumer sentiment to voting outcomes. Did you know the weather also impacts our ability to make a love connection?

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, cuffing season is in full bloom. This is the time of year when single people start to crave more serious relationships. Fewer daylight hours and more indoor activity, naturally brings out the desire to be “cuffed” to someone special. There’s no better time to explore just how weather puts us in, or out of, the mood for romance.

According to a French University study, the difference is not subtle. In fact, if you’re looking for love you’d better check the weather forecast. In the French experiment women (18-25 years old) walking alone were approached by an attractive 20-year old male who solicited phone numbers. The same pick up line was used for each conversation to ensure consistency. The only variable, the weather being either sunny or cloudy. On sunny days the study’s young man was successful 22% of the time, while on cloudy days he only secured phone numbers during 14% of the interactions.

Understanding the impact of weather on dating got us thinking, what else can would-be romantics do to increase their chances for love? It turns out, a lot. A new dating app, Connectidy, is turning the power of artificial intelligence into closer relationships by leveraging IBM Watson to improve our human intuition.

Arthur Tisi at Connectidy explains, “Artificial intelligence (AI) mimics the way people make their choices so they can work faster, and more accurately. Relationships are still a truly human endeavor; [our app] is helping users with their emotional intelligence – showing our users how and why they make decisions. The real magic will always be between two people and there will always be trade-offs when it comes to love and relationships, AI helps people consider those trade-offs in an easier, smarter way.”

Early results from Connectidy’s beta are promising. Arthur points out, “Users are surprised about some of the information they get from the profile that is created [by the app], but over time they say “Hey that really is me – I never realized that part of myself”. We have also found that users learn over time their patterns regarding dating choices which is sometimes an eye-opener.”

When it comes to dating, look for love in all the right places. With a little help from our technology friends and the weather forecast we predict you’ll find the perfect match!

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