When it comes to targeting parents, advertising is caught in a time warp, failing to align campaigns with the realities of parenting in 2017.

Women are portrayed as professionals in only 5% percent of ads while men are depicted in professional settings nearly three times more often. Men are virtually non-existent in ads related to housekeeping, showing up in only 1% percent of ads, while women are shown in housekeeping roles in 32% percent of the ads. This stands in stark contrast to the realities of housework in modern families.

Parents are an incredibly diverse group crossing generations, geographies, employment status, and family structure. Recognizing diversity in parenting, context is essential for marketers looking to build brand affinity. No matter what the form, family means collaborative planning. Unlike previous generations, decision making is a shared function.

For decades, marketers have defined Moms as primary advertising targets, but as parenting and families evolve, marketers must expand their focus. Decisions don’t stop with mom. Modern families are built on a foundation of cooperation and shared responsibility for kids and home. With increases in dual-duty households and other societal shifts, marketers must expand their messaging to Parents (beyond moms) to stay relevant.

Virtually every purchase decision a parent makes is impacted by the role they play as caretaker, ranging from obvious decisions about goods and services they purchase specifically for their children, to associated decisions about where they seek entertainment. Decisions such as how late they stay out, how they dress, and even what size car they purchase, are all affected by the role the consumer plays as a parent.

Marketers seeking to build lasting connections with parents must understand changing family dynamics. As a critical planning resource to millions of families, The Weather Company is here to share our insights on families.


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