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How Periscope, Meerkat, And Snapchat Will Change How TV Covers News, Sports, And Weather (Fast Company)

For Publishers, TV Requires A Balancing Act (Ad Exchanger)

Money, Meteorology, Military & Climate Change (SXSW)

Weather Company native ads: “noticeable, yet feel like a natural part of their app experience” (DIGIDAY)

USA Today Editorial Board: Verizon “blundered badly” in dropping The Weather Channel “which can save lives” (USAToday)


How Insurance Companies Plan for Weather Related Claims (Paul Walsh / The Weather Channel)

Surprise: Rain is the deadliest weather driving hazard (USAToday)


The “footwear weather report”: What Shoes Are Selling In Late Spring (Footwear News)

April retail pockets of strength: apparel, garden equipment, restaurants and bars (CNBC)

May Brings Flowers … and STRONG Weather-Driven Demand for Summer (Forecast Factor)

Highest since early January. “Retail Sales Get Mother’s Day (weather) Boost” (SalesHQ)

“Analytics set to become the top technology investment in supply chains in the next year” (Wall Street Journal)


Weather Analytics: How it Affects Your Life and Our Economy (The Weather Channel / Dr Marshall Shepard)

Cheaper than a lawn? California Pool Construction Soars During Drought (Capital Public Radio)

Snow-related overtime costs Boston $6M for city employees (Boston Herald)

California’s Drought Will Lead to Billion-Dollar Fires (Bloomberg)

Consumer Packaged Goods 

“As summer approaches, swarms of invasive species are on a rampage” (CNBC)


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