We’ll be posting the top weather and business stories (by industry sector) every Friday. Below are the stories we’re currently following:

Screen_Shot_2015-05-07_at_7.56.51_AM-865908-editedHurricane / Severe Weather Impacts

Social Media Can Help Track Tornadoes, But Was That Tweet Real? (NPR: All Tech Considered)

Quiet Hurricane Season? Don’t Bet On It! (Forecast Factor)

No Major Hurricane Has Made Landfall In the U.S. In More Than 9 Years (weather.com)

How weird is the U.S. hurricane drought and what does it mean for your insurance? (Climate Central)

“April Explodes with Multiple Hail Storms across Texas”
Estimate: 60,000 auto claims / $65 million in insured losses (Insurance Journal)


Weather Rebound! US economy adds 223,000 jobs in April (CNBC)

Big drop in weather mentions compared to Q1 / 14. The weather ate my returns (Fortune)

Consumer Demand For Summer Starting Early (Forecast Factor)

Weather Analytics: What is It and How Can it Affect Your Life and Our Economy? (Dr. Marshall Shepard / Weather Underground)

“Historically harsh” winter weather slowed U.S. economic growth substantially (Washington Post / Capital Weather Gang)

What is hurting earnings? Weather!  (Charles Schwab)


“Spring is the season for broken bones, bruises, bumps and sprains.” (Wall Street Journal)

Study: “hurricanes with female names caused more deaths than those with male names” (Wall Street Journal)

Biting back: Scientists aim to forecast West Nile outbreaks (UCAR)

Sports / Recreation / Travel

How the Nationals make high-pressure weather decisions (Washington Post / Capital Weather Gang)  

Media / Advertising

Why are so many obsessed with the weather? (Newsday)

Hot or Not? What Marketers Need to Know About the Summer Forecast (Forecast Factor)

The Weather Channel forecasts big future for local content (M&M Global)

Whatever the weather, mobile personalisation is key to sunnier days (Wall Blog)

An MLB weather strategy: Join your Chicago @whitesox as we host our 7th annual “Weather Day” (Chicago White Sox)


A weather-proof QSR? Burger King reports higher Q1 sales (USAToday)

Food truck owner. Q: How does the weather impact your sales? A: Our turning point is 85 degrees (The Sacramento Bee)  

No weather excuses here! Dunkin’ Donuts strategy delivers stronger then expected profits despite horrible weather (Seeking Alpha)

Dunkin’ Donuts CEO: We “kicked it out of the park in marketing” (CNBC)


Allergy Storm – The Science Behind Allergies hubs.ly/y0KvJQ0

Pollen Tsunami’ Causing Misery in the Northeast (NBC News)

Pollen Tsunami? @StephanieAbrams and Paul Walsh discussed in early April  See: Forecast Factor Allergy Season Outlook (Forecast Factor)

Consumer Packaged Goods

In Vino Veritas. Impact of the California drought on this Year’s Vintage  (The Weather Channel and weather.com)

Next Week’s Weather and Business Headlines

Next week will likely be dominated by more severe weather in the middle of the country and post-Ana news.

Probably the biggest weather impact on business however (while it won’t be generating headlines) will be the abnormal warmth in the eastern half of the country.

This will be generating very strong demand for spring products, travel, consumables, outdoor recreation and dining out.

See: May is Bringing the Heat, Summer Starting Early

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