Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it has us in the mood for romance. Since there’s nothing we love more than weather, we pulled together the top nine reasons you too should give your forecast a great big hug.

  1. Understanding a consumer’s mood is critical to building profitable, engaging relationships because it signals how best to interact with a shopper. That said, it’s extremely difficult to predict without the benefit of seeing their body language. Luckily for marketers, the weather impacts how we feel and can be used to predict shopper sentiment.
  2. Keep your employees safe & your staffing levels balanced. Whether you are staffing a restaurant, automotive dealership, or retail store, local weather conditions will impact foot traffic. When extreme weather is expected the weather forecast allows managers to adjust staff levels to align with expected visitor traffic. They can use the forecast to predict pre-, during and post-storm spikes. This not only improves profitability but also keeps non-essential employees off slippery roadways.
  3. Seasonal forecasts offer a jump-start on inventory & promotions planning. By tapping into weather expertise, marketers can track big weather patterns and predict temperature and precipitation trends months in advance.
  4. Paying attention to the weather increases your chance of getting a date! In a French experiment, women (18-25 years old) walking alone were approached by an attractive 20-year old male who solicited phone numbers. The same pick-up line was used for each conversation to ensure consistency. The only variable was the weather being either sunny or cloudy. On sunny days the study’s young man was successful 22% of the time, while on cloudy days he only secured phone numbers during 14% of the interactions.
  5. The weather even impacts elections. Research shows that the weather impacts voter turnout in measurable ways and can even sway election results.
  6. Improve promotion conversion rates by timing messages to align with current conditions. Promote your latest hearty soup bowl when it’s snowing, and sunscreen when it’s bright and sunny. The North Face did just that and not only increased engagement but drove 1,300 purchases.
  7. Consumers are obsessed with the weather, checking the forecast several times a day from their mobile phone. By partnering with a weather app provider you can be a part of your audience’s daily ritual.
  8. All those weather check-ins provide incredible detail about consumers’ daily activity. Intelligent weather applications facilitate targeting consumers by their habits. For example, marketers can target a specific location by promoting a restaurant to everyone who was at a local movie theatre, or focus efforts on profiles such as winter sports enthusiasts who visited ski resorts.
  9. Last, but certainly not least, weather forecasts help you build brand loyalty. Insurance companies, for example, can do more than offer pleasant claims processing experiences – they can actually prevent them. The Weather Company commissioned a survey to measure the impact weather alerting might have on policyholders. The results were startling; a full 52% of survey respondents reported they would take action if notified of an impending weather threat. The opportunity to prevent a claim by sending an alert a few minutes before pending damage is not only beneficial to the insurer, it cements a loyal relationship with the policyholder.

What are some other ways you love the weather forecast?

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