Time is running out to file your 2017 tax returns! With over 74,000 pages in the US tax code, and thousands of changes each year, it’s no wonder millions of people turn to tax professionals for help. While there are many ways to accurately file taxes, there are limited ways to maximize credits & deductions. With nearly eight out of ten filers receiving a refund, that amounts to billions of dollars at stake.

Luckily, the tax professionals at H&R Block have earned a new ally in the fight for the largest refund. Using more than 600 million data points, H&R Block tax professionals and IBM are leveraging cognitive technology to train IBM Watson on the language of taxes.


The resulting knowledge will serve millions of H&R Block clients across 12,000 locations – each benefitting from Watson’s watchful eye. Watson can understand a client’s responses to tax pro questions and suggest potential credits or deductions via messages shared with the tax preparer.

By combining human expertise with cognitive computing, H&R Block clients can rest assured they are getting the biggest refund available to them. Now we can celebrate not only that taxes are done, but that they are done right!

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