530a34c4-6f3f-48f8-bd8c-76b5262701e9Brian Anderson is a retired combat weatherman, a member of an elite Special Forces training cadre, a weather strategist… and a small business owner.

For him, the weather means business in ways many of us can only imagine… and he’s using his battlefield experience to drive business results.

Using weather to generate business is not a new concept for small businesses.

In fact, small businesses are often more effective than national chains in their ability to react proactively to expected changes in the weather.

That’s because of two basic realities:

1. They’re small enough to make changes quickly.

2. They’re 100% exposed to local weather so they HAVEto be nimble!

What is new is the ability for small and medium sized businesses to access the data and media technologies that have, until now, been available for use only by the big guys.

As a small business owner who also happens to be a weather forecaster — a weather forecaster who trains special forces operators to develop weather strategies and tactics for clandestine missions — Brian has a unique perspective as it relates to weather

For him the forecast represents “actionable intelligence” that he uses to anticipate and exploit weather-driven opportunities… it’s what he does on his day job.

So using the weather to help generate sales for his new business came naturally to him.

Baypaddle Sports

Baypaddle Sports is a veteran-owned small business that rents kayaks and paddleboards in Destin, Florida along the beautiful Emerald Coast.

Given the nature of the business, the weather forecast is a key business driver. The “forecast factor” for Baypaddle Sports is also a BIG sales factor.

paddlebayad-470557-editedBy combining his “avocation and his vocation” Brian was able to use weather.com (web, mobile and tablet) to trigger ads via use of the companies self-serve ad platform.

This self-serve, low cost application provides small and medium sized businesses the ability to trigger ads for specific zip codes and specific weather triggers — and it worked well for Baypaddle Sports.

The Results

Using a weather strategy that employed hyper-local targeting contributed to a huge increase (>500%) in sales from the prior June.

Adding to the lift in sales was the fact that weather in 2014 was much better than 2013 — having his message aligned with the favorable weather forecasts in front of vactioners checking the weather boosted his visibility and helped capture mind share (and market share!).

“I believe the ad played a part in our increase in rentals by giving people the idea about paddleboarding or kayaking and later in their vacation they decided to give it a try.”
– Brian Anderson, Owner 

Congrats Brian and we wish you continued success!


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