It feels a little odd to be talking about spring when we’re just starting to put up our holiday decorations; but as marketers, we have to think ahead.

When planning our spring strategy, we have to take into account the three ways weather will impact consumer behavior.

•    Emotions – How do I feel today? Am I feeling optimistic? Do I feel like starting fresh?
•    Activities – Where am I likely to be today? Is it an ideal day to be outside? Will I be hosting a BBQ or an indoor fondue party?
•    Needs – Is it hot & humid out? How will my hair react? Am I likely to sweat a lot?
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With the transition to spring, consumers generally gain a burst of energy, excited for a fresh new start. This shift in consciousness precipitates higher spending with the CPG companies that align promotions and messaging appropriately.

In Spring Ahead to Strong CPG Sales we give you everything you need to take advantage of the consumer spirit.

The ebook includes:
•    A 5-step action plan for maximizing your spring campaigns
•    A look ahead at spring weather expectations
•    Excellent examples of campaigns that convert

As you look forward and start to plan for 2017, expect the Spring shopping season to start later than it did in 2016. That means when making plans for spring inventory, promotions and advertising, don’t rely too heavily on 2016 performance. Last year will be a poor indicator for what we can expect during spring 2017.

Get your copy of the eBook to learn more important tips!

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