The summer of 2016 is going to be a hot one through virtually all the United States. Only parts of Texas and Louisiana are expected to have cooler than average temperatures. For the rest of the nation, the forecast predicts the continuation of a six-year summer heat streak.

An especially warm summer means businesses should prepare for the impact of these five trends.

1. Energy costs will rise as heat spikes occur. Air conditioning units will strain to keep up with the heat. The result will be an increase in demand for energy as most of the country experiences warmer than average temperatures that is likely to bump up prices.

2. Increased risk of heat stroke and sun related damage. Consumers will enjoy the outdoors during summer as usual, but the persistent heat will put them at greater risk for health challenges. Healthcare providers should educate their patients on early warning signs and emphasize the importance of using sun protection materials and staying hydrated.

3. Summer clothing & outdoor gear will see demand longer into the season than usual.

4. Insurance companies should brace for claims spikes as hurricanes threaten the east & gulf coasts. The Weather Company predicts slightly elevated odds for land falling tropical cyclones along the eastern US Seaboard and Gulf States regions.

5. Demand for cool treats will be strong through the summer as consumers crave relief from warm days and nights.

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