Interesting new research from E-marketer highlights the fact that app users are generally reluctant to share their location, but weather apps are an exception. Indeed, app users in the US are almost twice as likely to enable their location on a weather app as they are on a social network app, such as Facebook or Twitter.

For users of The Weather Channel app, the usefulness of sharing location is clear: they enable their location features in exchange for a detailed weather forecast tailored to the longitude-latitude coordinates their mobile device transmits. By contrast, sharing user location with a social network is not as essential; indeed, there may be additional security or privacy implications if a user’s current location is broadcast on his feed.

Implications for Marketers

Mobile marketing is consistently ranked in E-consultancy surveys as poor when it comes to ROI; in the absence of cookies on apps, tracking consumer behaviour and subsequent ad effectiveness is near on impossible. A recent study by Forrester Research highlighted the fact that 85% of time spent on mobile is in app.

However, the trusted and privileged relationship The Weather Channel has with its users means four in five are prepared to share their location in exchange for forecast weather conditions (higher than the weather app category average). Consequentially, with The Weather Channel, marketers can effectively target mobile users with the right message at the right time and in the right location.

How so? Armed with user location data, The Weather Channel can build up a sequential picture of where app users have been, and in so doing revealing their likes and dislikes, or what products & services they may be interested in buying. The Weather Channel can develop a rich of picture of consumer rituals and can cluster like-minded consumers together, making these consumer groups available so marketers can effectively target relevant brand segments at scale. These could include Commuter Travellers; or Sports, Entertainment and Fitness Enthusiasts; or even Shopping Centre Frequenters.

For more information on working with The Weather Channel, and using location for localized weather-triggered advertising, have a look at the media kit.

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