The weather is playing a more pervasive role in people’s everyday lives. As the weather starts to become more erratic, with sudden snowstorms or unlikely heat waves, people are turning to weather apps to get their dose of information.

Why? Because the weather forecast affects what we wear, which shoes we put on, how we drive, our mood, and more. It affects our daily lives and how we interact with the world. For marketers, this means a whole new world of possibilities.

Brands of all types can take advantage of utilizing weather apps as an effective advertising platform. It doesn’t matter whether your business is big or small — all businesses can position their brand alongside the weather for maximum effect.

Watch this video where Brian Solis talks with Paul Walsh about how brands are just beginning to understand the enormity of Big Data and how The Weather Channel has been using this information in their marketing for years.

Take for example, the collaboration with Jeep and the Weather Channel app. Depending on the weather conditions, a Jeep is showcased in similar weather conditions, illustrating its durability and flexibility to handle all weather conditions.

So, why is advertising through weather apps a foolproof marketing strategy? Because the weather isn’t going anywhere. People check the weather on a daily basis and weather conditions are proving to affect consumer decisions.

This potential is increased during times of inclement weather. According to a recent article in Mobile Marketing, “Traffic in weather apps spiked an average of 22 percent when big storms hit, showing that while people might grow weary of experiencing winter weather, they never tire of reading about it.”

With the weather, you can put your brand in front of the eyes of millions of people. For maximum effectiveness, consider video ads, which saw 10 times more engagement that other rich media formats.

To get started, contact us at the Weather Channel to see how you can utilize the weather as part of your marketing strategy.


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