Great marketers know that insight into human emotion is key to developing messages that resonate. The right insight can predict not only how someone feels, but how they will behave. Weather context fills this need, but only if it is accurate, hyper-local, and actionable.

Lately we have noticed a lot of weather providers making big promises that make all services sound the same. In fact, you might be thinking that all weather providers share the same data and capabilities. Despite the claims, services vary greatly in their ability to make an impact – and we want to make sure you have the facts.

When evaluating weather providers, it is essential to take three factors into account:

1. Accuracy

In order to use weather context effectively, your weather information must be accurate. It must take into account not only temperature, but all kinds of conditions that impact sentiment and buying behavior. Not all weather trigger data is created equal. Many solutions only look at basic weather conditions.

The Weather Company gives marketers the ability to leverage the world’s most accurate forecast, which takes into account not only current conditions, but recent and forecasted weather to fully capture a consumer’s emotion and behavioral intent. Our accurate and proprietary global weather data sets us apart from other providers that don’t have this valuable dataset in house. Our WEATHERfx solution ensures that your messaging is only delivered to people experiencing the optimal weather conditions, eliminating media waste during sub-optimal conditions and heavying up when consumer intent is at its highest point.

2. Hyperlocality

Weather insights must not only be accurate, they must be relevant to the person receiving your messages. This means acting upon hyper-localized conditions. The Weather Company analyzes more than 30 different weather conditions from over 100,000 sources to derive how the weather feels to consumers based on their precise location. The predictive analysis even takes into account seasonality to prepare a “feels like” condition report which can be used to trigger highly relevant campaigns.

3. Actionability

Insights don’t matter if you can’t easily act upon them. WEATHERfx makes it easy to trigger campaigns across all your channels including:

  • Targeted off-channel media
  • Hyper-relevant social messaging
  • Personalized CRM/email campaigns
  • Optimized owned & operated properties
  • Out-of-home (digital billboards, menu boards, and more)

Proven Results with WEATHERfx
Doesn’t your brand deserve results like these?

  • 49% media waste reduction for leading motorcycle brand
  • 35% increase in positive sentiment for Subaru on Twitter
  • 500K incremental in-store visits to Walmart and a 480% more efficient cost per visit for leading soup brand
  • 23% sales lift of featured products for national QSR chain
  • 1K+ purchases and 6% Twitter engagement rate for The North Face, +20% vs. benchmark
  • 288% CTR increase for sports apparel brand

How will you put the power of weather to work for your brand? Learn more about WEATHERfx here.

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