We’re excited to announce the launch of a new insights area on our media kit!

These insights showcase how businesses can leverage The Weather Company’s predictive weather and location data assets to better understand their consumers, and how The Weather Company can turn big data into actionable insights for brands.

Here you will find 4 distinct visualizations that show:

  1. How different weather conditions, broken out by season, impact foot traffic across the country – and how heavying up on media in select regions can help maximize foot traffic and sales.
  2. How real world behaviors can deepen an understanding of a brand’s audience by leveraging the power of location and weather to inform targeting strategy.
  3. How location information allowed us to see which NFL teams have the most devoted fans. Just like with football, we can help brand take advantage of the power of location data to learn more about their customers.
  4. How weather can give businesses an unparalleled understanding of weather’s impact on targeting strategy, an uncover unintuitive insights that can help brand anticipate and respond more effectively to their customers.

Access these insights directly via “Insights” in the menu bar above, or by going to advertising.weather.com/insights.

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