Doesn’t it feel amazing when you walk into a local restaurant, the host greets you by name, and then shows you to your “usual” table? It gets even better when the wait staff personally suggests a bottle of wine that you’ve never tried before, and it turns out to be perfect. What makes these experiences special is that they have been tailored to your preferences.

Marketers have the opportunity to create equally intimate experiences online to better reach their target audience and drive sales. Artificial intelligence is the key ingredient to creating these seamless, personalized experiences. It is a powerful tool, but will require frameworks that improve over time by continually learning to get thing right:

  1. Build in Feedback Mechanisms: AI engines must be set up to learn over time when behavior should be ignored or predictions were wrong.
  2. Collect and Use All Touch Points: Unlike the human brain which struggles when overloaded with information, AI engines thrive when fed a surplus of information.
  3. Train Systems on Unbiased Data: AI algorithms learn by consuming content, and when the content they consume is biased, they pick up those biases.

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Using AI to Personalize the Customer Experience

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Using AI to Personalize the Customer Experience

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