Jeremy Steinberg, The Weather Company’s Global Head of Sales, recently spoke with AdTechVillage to discuss what it’s like to work with IBM Watson, and how Watson and other cognitive technologies are going to transform the digital advertising industry.

Watson can listen, learn, and make increasingly refined suggestions – interacting naturally, learning from interactions, and surfacing meaningful insights from huge amounts of data. Steinberg believes that Watson can transform digital media through the following three key marketing functions:

  • Planning:  Because Watson can analyze all data, including unstructured formats like images, video, and audio, we can apply Watson to make sense of a client’s data in conjunction with other predictive data sets like weather and location to unlock deep audience insights.
  • Execution:  We can then use those insights to create targetable profiles that enable marketers to anticipate and respond to the needs of an individual in real-time.
  • Optimization:  We are building tools that enable marketers to quickly and efficiently understand audience and campaign performance and easily make adjustments to drive towards a desired outcome.

Check out the interview here. Jeremy will be the keynote speaker at the AdMonsters Ops Leadership Forum on June 5th in New York.

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