Rain, shine, snow and sleet – football players and fans stick it out through some of the most challenging weather. For example, playing through four inches of rain during a 2011 game between the Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars. Even eight inches of snow during a 2010 game between the Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts didn’t stop fans from rooting the teams along.

USA Today recently published a Snapshot using our location data, analyzing how far football fans are willing to travel for games.

With football season in full swing we wanted to find out who has the hardiest fans. Using location data collected from millions of consumers we sought to answer four burning questions:

1. Which teams saw the highest percentage of their local fans at away games?
2. Which fan base lives in closest proximity to their stadium?
3. Which teams attract the most fans from opposing teams?
4. Which stadiums have the highest number of tailgaters?

How did your team stack up?

It’s fun to take a playful look at where fans spend their time, but there is also a strong financial reason to pay attention. Football is big business for the NFL and countless retail, grocery, apparel and hospitality businesses.

According to Forbes, the Super Bowl was estimated to reach millions of consumers who would likely spend $14 billion on products and services related to the game. Even energy consumption is impacted by the sport. Data collected from past Super Bowls shows that each event actually reduced electricity usage in homes because the household was watching the game from a central location, reducing electricity consumption on appliances and devices other than the television.

Business opportunities are not centered around the Super Bowl alone. Each week millions of fans gather to watch football at home, in sports bars and at stadiums. Capturing fans in the moment with targeted communications can lift conversion rates.

Imagine targeting fans while they are at a game? Or focusing on those who are likely to travel?

Now you can. Learn more about JOURNEYfx and put the power of targeting into your marketing mix. Touchdown!


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