Plummeting fuel prices, a recovering economy and growing consumer confidence helped spur peak automotive sales in 2015. The milder than normal winter temperatures also likely played a role as consumers enjoyed the comfortable driving conditions.

The temporary high did not last. Auto sales in 2016 are down from a peak last year. That means automobile marketers have to get smart about tapping into consumer’s mindsets when they are primed for advertising messages.

•    Consumers check the weather several times per day. Highlight new vehicle models or drive foot traffic onto the lot during huge sales events with high-impact, localized creative alongside the local forecast.
•    Plug into trusted experiences, such as a local ski report, to build consideration among auto consumers.
•    Consider takeover campaigns that leverage repetitive, targeted messages to increase purchase consideration. For one auto brand, a 1-day takeover garnered astounding results with the iPhone native photo element unit garnering a 3.47% CTR which is more than 8x the Google display CTR benchmarks for auto.

In addition to these communication channels an effective weather strategy will leverage local weather forecasts to optimize not only visibility of messages, but also the creative itself.

For example, do you want to promote convertibles on a rainy day? That would probably not be the most effective messaging. What if you promoted the safety features of vehicles with specially designed tires for wet driving conditions? With some careful planning auto retailers can use the weather to improve message stickiness. That’s exactly what Subaru did when they experimented with more targeted Twitter outreach.

Subaru Drives Home A Win With Weather
Hoping to tap into the next generation of sedan buyers Subaru knew social outreach was essential. That’s when they turned to WEATHERfx.

WEATHERfx makes it easy to dynamically adapt and react to the weather in real-time helping reach consumers with a targeted, relevant message based on localized weather conditions.

Subaru tapped into the power of social by reaching out to consumers on Twitter when they were experiencing inclement weather and highlighted the brand’s superior performance in such conditions. The campaign effectively engaged on Twitter – generating a 5.07% engagement rate 2x+ benchmark), over 515K mentions and 31K new followers and increasing positive sentiment by +35%.

The forecast for integrating a weather strategy is strong. What are you waiting for? Schedule a consultation today.

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