How does the weather affect your marketing strategy? That question was the focus of conversation in a recent interview with David Bird, Weather Analyst from The Weather Channel UK. David sat down with Abi Akakapo, the Account Director at Mindshare to discuss Ford Motorcraft’s weather marketing strategy.

Ford_Motorcraft_iPhone5_BB_MockTemplate_WintryFord Motorcraft recently partnered with the Weather Channel UK to utilize native advertising backdrops on The Weather Channel app, which are specifically triggered during weather conditions, like fog, rain, and snow. For Ford Motorcraft, this was brilliant positioning as they are the servicing arm that targets drivers who need repairs and maintenance.

Akakapo acknowledged the importance of timing, citing that bad weather is when people are searching for information and need it the most. When asked about why Ford chose the Weather Channel as a partner, she mentioned the re-branding of the Weather Channel app and its increased capabilities and possibilities for marketers.

“The Weather Channel app has been re-branded, it’s much more premium…and we’ve seen it perform well in the past,” said Akakapo.

The interview highlighted the importance of having a weather marketing strategy that can use the weather to brand your specific product or service.

Do you have a weather marketing strategy?

Here are some key points from the interview to help you get started:

  • Timing is everything
  • Use weather triggers to target your audience automatically when time is right
  • Poor weather conditions are when people are searching the most
  • Understand how the weather affects consumers and how it affects your product
  • Weather triggers can help show the range of your product and help brand it in a certain light
  • People are hungry for information — how will you use that to your advantage and aid the consumer?

Check out the full video interview below:


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