Last year it was estimated that consumers spent $18.9 billion on Valentine’s Day between candy, flowers, date nights out, jewelry and the usual.

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Casual restaurants (QSR’s) and the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector are the industries that tend to generate the most revenue during Valentine’s Day every year, which is why it is essential that these organizations monitor the weather conditions during this year’s holiday as well to ensure they can plan accordingly to continue to drive sales.
The Weather Company conducted a study of 12,205 respondents to understand how the weather influences emotions, which impact consumer decisions and purchasing behaviors. In general, there are two dimensions to a person’s emotional response; whether the response is skewed positive or negative and if the weather requires them to use a lot or a little energy.

Learn how CPGs and QSRs can better utilize their knowledge of the upcoming weather conditions for Valentine’s Day to drive more sales and better cater their offerings.

What To Do If It Is Freezing on Valentine’s Week

The study found that when it is particularly cold outside people have a desire to exert energy towards others as well as maintain stability emotionally, which could align well with the usual habits of American consumers during the Valentine’s holiday.

People also feel more energetic when it’s cold outside, leading to more opportunities to drive sales during this time of year and the need to prepare ahead of time for activities like grocery shopping and stocking up on snacks.

If this year’s Valentine’s day does turn out to be freezing, then  restaurants should more heavily advertise their meal options for the holiday both on their menu, in-store and on their online properties. By catering to the weather’s impact on the enthusiasm of consumers, it’ll be easier to drive excitement and ideally more sales to your restaurant on Valentine’s evening.

CPG brands should also more heavily advertise their Valentine’s related products to their customers to make use of the added enthusiasm brought on by the cold temperatures. Investing in more inventory than usual can also help ensure your brand is properly prepared for the higher than usual demand for Valentine’s themed goods.

What To Do If It Is Moderate Weather on Valentine’s Week

According to the study, milder temperatures lead people to make the most of the moments they are experiencing and have a stronger likelihood to enhance positive feelings. Moderate weather also has been found to lead to an increased desire for quick and cool snacks, more of an interest in dessert foods and higher chance of making more pit stops while traveling.

If the weather proves to be moderate on the week of Valentine’s this year, QSR’s like drive-thrus, convenience stores and gas stations should not only advertise their Valentine’s Day products, but also, increase their inventory as customers are more likely to stop at their locations during this type of weather for snacks.

When preparing for the holiday paired with more mild weather, CPG brands should consider offering products that help consumers share their appreciation for one another, whether that be for their significant other, family member or friend, as well as offering a wider variety of packaged Valentine’s Day snacks and desserts.

In addition to stocking up on the usual chocolate and flowers, a CPG brand should drive more attention to products used in various activities loved ones would do together to celebrate like romantic dinner at home, a movie night, or even the recreation of their first date.

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