The weather for this year’s Halloween will certainly impact the shopping choices made by consumers this season, significantly affecting how retail and CPG advertisers prepare for the upcoming holiday.

The Halloween spending season this year is estimated to reach $6.9 billion with the average person spending approximately $74.34, according to the National Retail Federation

The weather on Halloween represents an opportunity to better personalize your advertising to ensure ongoing sales this quarter, as well as better associating your brand with the right current events leading to stronger results.

For example, email marketing campaigns for domestic holidays typically have double the open rate during a period of good weather likely due to the fact consumers are more engaged with a holiday, like Halloween, when they know it can be fully enjoyed by the family.

Consumer Behavior Affected by the Weather

The first thing to consider is that the idea of favorable weather changes from location to location, which is why it is important to keep this top of mind when altering your advertising for Halloween based off the upcoming forecast.

According to our recent survey, consumer behavior is not only influenced by calendar events but significantly by the local weather conditions, as well as the forecasted weather.

Paying attention to what the temperature will be for this year’s Halloween weekend gives your brand the opportunity to favorably align your products and services with the holiday to generate a higher-response rate, increasing your company’s awareness and increasing your sales.

Both cool and warm temperatures on Halloween are favorable weather for families, adults and millennials looking to be active in the celebrations and activities around the holiday.

If there’s a chance of rain or extreme temperatures on the weekend of Halloween, then it’s likely the sales will decrease significantly ahead of the holiday, since fewer people will likely travel locally and this will directly alter their purchasing behavior.

The Impact of Good Weather on Halloween Advertisers

Looking at weather data from The Weather Channel accumulated over the last 30 years, as well as past consumer shopping habits, your organization should be able to predict which locations will have favorable weather during Halloween weekend to help properly allocate both your advertising and allocations of inventory in those regions.

Consider the following strategies for better advertising around the weather on Halloween weekend:

  • If the weather is cool or warm this year during Halloween, retail and CPG advertisers should heavily promote their stock of candy, costumes, and decorations since participation in parties, trick or treating, school and community events celebrating the holiday will be at an all-time high.
  • Advertise your costumes that match the forecasted temperatures for that weekend, whether that’s layered costumes to keep customers warm if it’s supposed to be cool or costumes made from lighter material if it is supposed to be warm outside.
  • Retail brands should consider in-store activations like events, promotions and allowing trick or treating at certain locations to further promote their participation in the holiday and making use of the increased foot traffic that the good weather will likely encourage.
  • As a CPG advertiser, consider customizing your packaging and messaging around key product assortments to ensure they are of interest to Halloween shoppers looking for holiday-related items.

Use the available dataabout the upcoming weather to better inform your approach to consumers in different regions to better position your brand and continue to generate sales during Halloween.

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