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iStock_000018382178_SmallAs we move into the winter months, The Weather Channel is forecasting a colder than usual January, February and March, with February 2015 especially cold in the UK – almost two degrees Celsius below the seasonal average.

The detrimental effect of cold weather on a car’s performance ensures that triggering a car servicing/maintenance message around such weather is fundamental.

More importantly, the message must centre on pre-emptive car maintenance, ensuring that the motorist is “prepared for winter,” rather than having to deal with the consequences of their car breaking down.

Highlighting this, breakdown/recovery service the AA estimates that in the UK, call outs to broken down vehicles peak the day after New Year, when people first return to work after the festive break, owing to wintry weather conditions and the fact that the vehicle itself may not have been used for two weeks.

An Opportunity for Ford Motorcraft to be Front of Mind

For Ford Motorcraft – the division of Ford Motor Company which deals with after sales, servicing, MOT and tyres for older (four years +) models in the UK – the Weather Channel was an obvious partner to harness the opportunity winter weather brings, for a number of reasons: visitors have a strong affinity with the Ford brand:

Recent research carried out into the Weather Channel’s site visitors highlights the fact that Ford is their most preferred motor brand, with 39% saying they would be most likely to consider buying a Ford as their next car.

Market-leading advertisingproducts:

The Weather Channel’s “branded backgrounds” on mobile and tablet are unique, and have already proven to perform very well in the past for Ford Motorcraft, offering an eye-catching ad formats to ensure the brand stands out when it matters most. This is especially true in the mornings, when people tend to become aware of vehicle damage from freezing overnight temperatures.

Weather triggered messaging and call to action:

Being weather triggered to bad and inclement weather, such as snow and fog, ensures that Ford Motorcraft captures those moments over the winter months when British motorists are most likely to suffer from weather-related motoring problems. This could range from battery failures and cracked windscreens due to frost, through to more significant damage from road traffic accidents owing to icy or wet driving conditions. caught up with Abi Akakpo, Account Director at Mindshare for Ford MotorCraft to find out more….


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