When winter wanes and spring starts coming into view, homeowners go into planning mode. TruGreen wanted to get into the mindsets of these consumers—and get ahead of the competition—by inspiring people to go outside, enjoy life and maybe even do a little lawn care.

The brand tapped into Watson Advertising’s deep understanding of weather’s impact on consumer behavior to cultivate the right solution, which leveraged a mix of weather and and location data, plus content and native advertising.

To create a sense of excitement for consumers as they transitioned out of the winter season, we developed a custom Spring Countdown sponsorship, leading up to the first day of spring. We also served high-impact Branded Backgrounds across mobile, tablet and web during beautiful weather conditions, which reinforced the brand’s “Live Life Outside” tagline. Our custom DIY location segment and WEATHERfx Outdoor Activity trigger ensured that campaign creative was delivered to the right people at the right time.

And lastly, our editorial team created a branded content series called “Amaze Me: Backyard Heroes”, featuring amazing backyards designed to encourage people to spend time outdoors. The content was served to consumers near home improvement stores and during optimal weather conditions for lawn care.